Automated Robotic Transfer Line

Robot End Effector

Modular Gripper Assembly

Hydraulic Riveting Head

Robotic Cell

Endstop Piercing

Product Type Check

Automated Assembly Line

Automated Press Line

Punch Die

Part Flipper

Retaining Ring Press


Autonomous Trash Picker

Autonomous Lawnmower


As a 2010 Auburn graduate, Chris Khamken and is currently a full-time Design Engineer responsible for the design and development of various semi-automated production tooling and equipment in the automotive industry. He builds upon previous hands-on experience in machining and fabrication operations from time spent in a nationally recognized production facility privately owned by his father and uncle.

Chris is an unassuming, 2nd-generation Asian-American who prefers not to self-promote. Instead he enjoys maintaining a healthy appetite for exploring various interests. Among the handful that have stuck including travel, photography, lyricless tunes, therapeutic driving, back-end coding, and periodic doses of sudoku, the concept of simplicity ranks as the most intriguing to him.